14 October, 2008

Still adjusting

Well! Being here in Melbourne and getting into new routines has seriously thrown my normal routines into confusion. But that's okay, I'll adapt.

Yesterday I started taking a look at Knuckey's Moto Guzzi in the morning to see if I could figure out what is wrong with it. Once I got it started it worked fine, but this morning it wouldn't start again--looks like the battery isn't holding a charge. It was fun to ride on paved roads again at speeds higher than I can normally get up to in PNG.

In the afternoon Clare and I went on a shopping trip--we saw that newborn baby nappies/diapers were on sale, so we bought a load of those since we didn't have the space to bring all of our washable ones with us from PNG. Int he background of the photo above you can see the little pick-up truck that we've been given to use while we are here. Another case of God providing for our needs when we simply step out of His way--I was originally planning to buy a cheap car to use while we were here and I was starting to get a little stressed about the logistics of registration and insurance for non-residents in Australia, so one evening I made a concious decision not to worry about it anymore and turned the whole problem over to the Lord. I continued keeping an eye open for a vehicle to use, but stopped relying on my own strength to make it all happen. It's difficult for me to explain what I mean by this, but when I truly give a problem over to the Lord, I am able to stop worrying about it, secure in the knowledge that He, being infinite and all-powerful will be able to work it all out for me. Often times, the hardest part for me is just letting go of the problem, but once I do, He never lets me down. This time, a couple of days after I chose to turn it over to Him, we were offered a car that is absolutely perfect for us--it runs good, being a double cab 4 door, it has enough space for us and for the Baby, and it has enough dents and dings on it that we don't have to worry too much about it. God is good to us.

In other news, Clare and I are happily taking advantage of the opportunities we have here that we don't have when we are in PNG, and one of those is high-speed internet with (more or less) unlimited downloads!

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