03 October, 2008

Double (good) whammy, (almost)

For those of you who don't know, a double whammy is when anything big happens in a pair. For example, if your house caught fire and then a tornado blew it away, that would be a double whammy. I guess "double whammies" are usually bad, but today I use the expression in a good way, sort of.
The first good thing, (definitely good), is the good news about the workshop guard dog. I really didn't know if he was going to make it, but poor old Lobo actually got up and walked today! He looks pretty rough in this photo, but that's mainly because he is all wet from being washed with the sprayer we use to wash cars. He loves the sprayer and ordinarily he runs and barks and plays with it, but this time he just sat still and let us wash him. A couple of hours later he started walking around and he pretty much stayed on all fours for the rest of the day. Needless to say, all the guys were happy to see him up and around again. His hind legs are still a bit unsteady, but the fact that he is walking at all is an improvement. I'm more and more certain that he must have eaten a cane toad.
Th other good thing is that that stocktake is finally over, (sort of). At the end of the day the auditor came down from the finance department and picked out a handful of stock items to do random checks on. I ended up leaving before her final verdict was in, so that's why I'm not 100% certain if we are actually done with stock take or not. I sure hope that we are, though.
Other good news: Clare is over her illness! Today she was able to eat and keep it all down, so that's a huge improvement.
This evening we had a little get-together where we said good-bye to one of our own who is leaving early to go back to the US. She's a teacher at the primary school--she is leaving earlier than planned because of family problems that are causing her much stress. It's sad that we have to lose her, as she is a well-loved member of the community, but living here can be stressful enough without extra stress coming from home. When one of us is really hurting or needs help, often times a trip back home is required as we simply don't have the resources or the personnel here to deal with big issues. So, a sad time this evening, but a good time of fellowship as well. She leaves here knowing that the rest of us love and care for her and want her to come back when she is able to.
So tomorrow is Saturday! I'm hoping to get a chance to go down to the shop and work on one of my projects, but we'll see what really ends uphappening. I try never to plan too hard for Saturdays.
More later, Andrew

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