20 October, 2008

First Doctor Visit

So! Today we finally had our first doctor visit here in Australia! Dr. W seems to be a very busy man indeed--while we were sitting in his very busy waiting room he had to deliver a baby next door, which put all of his morning appointments off by a bit. Seems he was dashing back and forth between delivering the baby and examining other patients!

Anyway, we had a short chat with him and found that he had spent time in both England and the US and that the church he belongs to has a church plant in Mt. Hagen, PNG, which is a few hours away from us by road. He seemed pleased with his examination of Clare--everything seems to be on track and looking and sounding good, so Clare and I are both happy about that.

Next week we go back for the results of some blood work and also for a sonogram, so that'll be fun.

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