16 October, 2008

Bump Photo

Ah, here she is--the amazing Clare. Some have complained about not getting enough photos of her in our newsletter, especially now that she is pregnant, so I decided to pre-empt any complaints I might get along those lines here in the blog.

I took this photo just a few days before we left for Australia. This is at about 34 weeks pregnant.

Today we went shopping again, this time for food and for more maternity stuff. The sheer volume and variety of maternity STUFF that exists boggles my mind. How did Eve cope? How did Sarah or Rebecca manage? It's shocking the amount of equipment that is needed to have babies these days.

It always takes me a couple of hours worth of driving time to get used to driving in Australia, England or the US after being in PNG for a while. I'm happy to report that my confidence for driving in the Melbourne area is increasing rapidly. I still need to get some pointers on the proper interpretation of green arrow signals, though. Today we sat at an intersection through 2 green lights waiting for a green arrow signal so that we could turn left but the signal never came. Finally the cars waiting behind us started driving around us and I realised that I was doing something wrong. Clare gently suggested to me today that maybe I enter car parks/parking lots all wrong, so I guess I'll need to examine that aspect of my driving habits. I'm not convinced that I am doing it wrong--maybe I'll have a chat with Knuckey about it.

Speaking of our illustrious host, he got a new battery for his Moto Guzzi today and I filled it with electrolyte and installed it. I haven't tried it out yet, I decided to put it on the trickle charger over night and try it out tomorrow. I'm hoping that he will be able to ride this thing to work next week.

Yesterday somebody asked me if I'd take a look at a Vespa. Typically, I hate working on scooters, as they tend to be covered with all kinds of body work that gets in the way and sometimes you have to do strange things like, remove the entire exhaust system to fix a flat in the rear tire, (Honda Elite). Evil stuff, really. But if this guy is serious, sure, I'll take a look at his Vespa. I helped rebuild/restore a Lambretta once, surely a Vespa can't be to different.

Tomorrow I think I'll start looking into motorcycle junkyards and maybe for a source of Toyota Land Cruiser pick-up doors for one of the vehicles in Ukarumpa.

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