15 October, 2008

Car and Bike Show, Kinglake Park, Bible Study

So today Knuckey and I went to a car show that his church put on in the evening. This very nice example of an Indian Chief was there, as well as lots of old cars. I couldn't help chuckling at one nice 1973 Lincoln Continental Mk IV, as just a few years ago, (before I went to PNG), I was driving one very much like it back and forth to work in TN and I had only paid $260 for it. I guess I must be getting old, because that car really didn't look very old to me. Anyway...

Afterwards we met Clare and Knuckey's wife Ali at their Bible study. I was struck once again, (as I often am when meeting with other Christians around the world) at how easily we were able to fit in, in spite of our different backgrounds and our different expectations of life, etc., we share a common bond in Christ.

Earlier in the day I had a chance to take Knuckey's Moto Guzzi on a long ride through the Kinglake national park. Good motocycle roads there. I was testing his bike's battery charging system and I am more convinced than ever that it needs a new battery. I checked the charging system with a meter earlier int he day and found that the charging system seems to be up to snuff, it's just the batteyr that doesn't seem to be holding a charge. I wonder if the fact that his bike calls for an 18 amp hour battery and yet has been fitted with a 14 amp hour battery might be making a difference? I recommended that he go back to the original size battery, anyway. Apparently the bike's original battery lasted 10 years (!!) but the one in it now lasted maybe 6 months before it started to give him trouble.

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