11 October, 2008

"Home" for a few weeks

We've made it safely to Melbourne! Today was our last flight for a while, and I am glad of that. Airplane seats are mainly designed for very average sized (or even somewhat smaller than average sized) people, and I am bigger than average. I always find airplane seats to be cramped and uncomfortable. Lately they've been getting worse as the airlines attempt to upgrade their seats to more ergonomically comfy designs. The better they get for average sized people, the worse they get for me. Anyway all that to say that I am tired of flying for a while.

My good mate Damien Knuckey met us at the airport--some of you may remember that Knuckey was my best man at our wedding. He and his wife, Ali, have graciously given us a place to stay here in Melbourne. Their place is great! Clare and I are very comfy here.

You know, now that we are here, suddenly the imminent arrival of Baby is much more real to both of us. Months of careful planning went into getting us here at this time and we've been so caught up in the planning that now, when all we really have to do is wait, we can take a moment to realise why we are really here. I guess we should probably start thinking a little harder about possible names for Baby...

Clare and I spent a little time this evening praying and thanking the Lord for bringing us safely to this point. God has been so good to us.

Yesterday I fully intended to post something here, but I was wiped out from travelling and the heat in Cairns, so I fell asleep much earlier than I normally do and never got to post. Today I would rather have had a photo of Damien and Ali to put up, but we got in late from the airport and didn't get a chance to snap a photo. I'll try to get one tomorrow. For now, if you're not from Australia, you can use the map above to see that today we travelled from Cairns, (way up north) to Melbourne, (way down south).

Well, it's late and I should sleep. Tomorrow being Sunday, I probably won't post anything here.

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