22 October, 2021

Greetings from Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea!
We were last in the US and the UK in 2017.  For fun, I've included some photos from that time in this update.  It's almost time to repeat the experience, which brings us to the subject of this email:

You know it's time for Home Assignment when...

1) All of your electronics have technical problems.

2) Your clothes have holes in them.

3) There are few clothes left for your children to grow into.

4) Your youngest will soon be the age your oldest child was when you last left the country together.
5) You find yourself reading 'Watching the English' because you can't remember how to interact with people from your home country.

6) You realise that some items at the bottom of the freezer may have been there a long time.

7) You look forward to exploring places that are different from the ones you see every day.

8) You haven't seen most of your extended family for over four years.
9) You don't have any non-expired bank cards in the same country as you.

10) You really want to be able to thank people and churches in person for their faithful and generous partnership in your work.

11) Your prescription glasses are no longer a good fit.

12) You long to catch up with friends in person, after four years of computer-based communication.

13) Your spices aren't tasting too fresh.

14) You realise it's been a very long time since you had a proper holiday/vacation.
Our current plan is to be in the USA from February to June and in the UK from July to November.   We won't book tickets until nearer the time: due to the pandemic, flights are often cancelled, and the availability of different flights can also change.

We hope to see you next year!

Andrew and Clare Koens, with Levi, Heidi and Eowyn

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