17 October, 2012

One Good Thing About the Bridge Being Closed

       One good thing was that I got to drive the truck!  All the kids from Ukarumpa International School (Secondary Campus) were coming back from their annual high school retreat, ("Encounter" for those of you who have been here and experienced it), and since the bridge was closed we needed a large vehicle to carry all their bags and stuff back.  Some of the more adventurous boys asked if they could ride in the back.


Unknown said...

Are the lads riding in the back or riding on top?!

Andrew the Mechanic said...

They are actually behind the cab, there's a huge spare tyre mounted back there and some have climbed on top of that--plus, once the car in front of us stopped, turned, and took this photo, the others all climbed up higher. This is what you need for youth work, Jon--the M813A1 5 ton truck is very popular with the youth! I'm sure it would fit right in in your neighbourhood.