29 May, 2011

Oh, and one more thing:

Saw a Japanese movie called Space Battleship Yamato on the plane. The ship is made out of the wreck of the WWII Japanese battleship Yamato, which I think is a pretty cool premise. I think the starship Yamato now has my vote as the number one coolest starship ever.

hahahahaha! I'm not used to being able to blog so fast, it usually takes me an hour or so per blog posting.

Furlough, Maui and Star Trek

So we're on our way back "home" to have another baby and to spend some time with our friends, family and financial partners. I say "home" in quotes because I don't currently feel like any one particular place is home these days, I have family connections in FL,TN, and MI, and close friends in SC, NC, ID, OH, CA, WA, MN, and more (if you are a close friend of mine and don't see your state listed, don't feel bad). We also have family and friends in the UK, (admittedly Clare has more close friends in the Uk than I do, fair enough, it's her home country after all).

Anyway, we found that for us the cheapest way back to the US was to go through HI. Since we have friends in Hawaii, we decided to take advantage of their offer of a free place to stay in Maui. Here's a view from her back porch, partway up the side of a dead volcano:

So Maui has been great! I haven't seen a bit of it, but after the flurry of our last couple of weeks in Ukarumpa, getting the house sorted out for our renter, gettign as much work as possible done at the shop, etc., it feels great to rest for a while.

So, flipping through the channels for a while at the house we are staying with, I stumbled upon maybe the best thing I could have found for me right now, an all-day Star Trek marathon! Clare and Levi are out with our friend Rebecca at a local aquarium, so I have the TV to myself for now.

More later.