13 June, 2009

Children Take Time

Yup. No doubt about it. Kids take up a lot of time. Not to say that we aren't happy to spend that time in that way. But I don't have quite as much "free" time as I used to.

Another good thing about living in Ukarumpa: you can save a ton of money on baby toys and paraphanalia. Levi's walker is borrowed, (I know, I know, "walkers are dangerous!" you protest. Get over it. Somehow we all survived. Don't buy into the media hype. Be free!), most of his toys were given to us, his crib was given to us, and so on. People in this community pass around stuff like that almost as soon as the word gets out that somebody is pregnant.

Ukarumpa. A cheap place to raise kids.

In other news, I am at it again--this time squeezing a BMW F650 engine into a Husaberg FE400 frame. So far it's coming along very nicely. Photos to come another time.